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We understand law offices have unique bookkeeping needs and record keeping requirements that are put forward by the Bar Association and other regulating authorities. Let us help you and your practice succeed.

Bookkeeping for Law firms
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Law Firm Bookkeeping
Independently employed attorneys and small law offices have unique Law Firm Bookkeeping needs and record keeping requirements that are put forward by the Bar Association and other regulating authorities. Standard rules and common practice dictate that attorneys must use client trust accounts to hold attorney fees received in advance for services that will be rendered at a later date. These funds have to stay in the lawyers’ trust accounts until they are earned and therefore are no longer the property of the client. Attorneys can also hold client funds received from settlements as a settlement check is often payable jointly to the attorney and to the client. This scenario also requires the use of holding accounts. The type of accounts attorneys have to maintain depends on the amount to be held and how long the attorney anticipates holding the funds.



From a bookkeeping standpoint, this concept is easy to follow for an industry-specialized expert, but not for somebody who lacks experience with this specific niche. Small law firms don’t have the need to hire an in-house bookkeeper but in order to stay in compliance with the rules and regulations, best practice is to leave the books to a specialized Law Firm bookkeeper who understands the unique challenges attorneys face much better than a general bookkeeper could. Due to the shift to cloud-based accounting software, quality bookkeeping is just a click away.
Attorneys have enough on their minds and should be relieved from the stress of keeping their books and dealing with the challenges of trust account bookkeeping.
Outsourcing your bookkeeping to a virtual Law Firm Bookkeeper is a cost-effective solution that will get you an expert for a fraction of the price it costs to keep a part or full time bookkeeper.

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Due to the shift to cloud-based accounting software, quality and cost-effective bookkeeping is just a click away.

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